About Our Company

Training Operators since 2005

Established in Las Vegas only 6 years after OSHA made forklift operator certifications mandatory, Forklift University has been at the forfront of great operator training and certifications. In the early days, we were the first training company to offer plastic operator licenses so employers could be confident their new hires had the proper training and professional licencing. Later we introduced the first web based material distribution system for company train the trainers, effectively delivering training materials that could be custom modified from the cloud rather than the old way of CD and DVD. And we were the first and still one of the ONLY forklift training companies that offers a full comprehensive hands on forklift driver training program, not just a simple 10 minute "evaluation" that has no basis in OSHA guideline compliance. 

Training the NEXT Generation

Today Forklift University is again at the forfront of forklift operator training by offering the latest in forklift operator training techniques, VIrtual Reality Forklift Simulators. 

With our new partnership with Really-Virtual Consulting , Forklift University is investing in our customers by providing forklift simulator training at our own facilities for those that want to learn to drive a sit down forklift. Our training locations in Las Vegas, Phoenix and soon in Austin offer new drivers the chance to learn to drive a forklift with a fully emersive experience. 

Beyond out driver training offerings, Forklift University is the exclusive dealer in Arizona, Nevada and Texas for the Real-Forklift® forklift simulator system. With purchase, rent and hourly use options for companies around the country we have invested in operator training at every turn. We even offer a mobile version that would be perfect for staffing agencies. 

With Forklift University's years of industry experience we have the knowledge and background to help any organization with their forklift training needs. 

For more information about all the training programs Forklift University offers, please visit our corporate web site: www.ForkliftUniversity.com

A Word From The Founder

For nearly 15 years Forklift University has been a company with integrity. We have helped people get trained and partner with companies to help them get good jobs. But it does not stop there, our training programs have expanded to help schools, companies, non profit organizations, government agencies and equipment companies to train and certify their workforce. We have always had the best training possible, and it is our goal to always keep our training ahead of the industry. 

I wanted to use computers to enhance the training experience, but now with VR we can offer the latest training techniques. As founder and CEO I promise that Forklift University will always have a customer focus and a code of quality that will be unmatched in the industry.

Steven W. Drake

Entrepreneur, Founder of Forklift University


Lift Training Elevated

Our Approach

We use a combined method of human training, computer testing, Virtual Reality forklift simulated driving and hands on driving techniques to provide the most comprehensive training experince anywhere.

Our Mission

To provide the best possible training tools to companies and organizations and the best skills training to individuals that want a great career as a forklift opeator.