This Is Not A Game

Tools not Toys, that is how we feel about Virtual Forklift Simulator training programs. Developed by forklift trainers with over 20 years of training and operator experience, this system focuses on the real-life training aspect of forklift safety instead of dangerous and competitive mindset of unrealistic forklift rodeo games.

With two different simulator options, organizations can decide what type of training they wish to deploy. Costs for simulators vary, however, the Virtual Forklift Simulators are NOT cost prohibitive because we want you to use our tools and affordability is a key part of getting systems to be used.

The Virtual Forklift Simulators are the only forklift simulators that teaches and tests operators on the job tasks they do every day.

NEXUS modules focus on  first time drivers, helping with understanding the lift, functions, and movement. Other modules teach pallet placement on racks and around the warehouse. Still other modules are available for loading trailers, flatbed trucks and for those that need attachment specific training we offer modules for paper box clamps, single/double forks, carpet poles, trash hoppers, fork extensions and more.

LIVE is geared towards organizations that want OSHA operator training and evauations, with direct instructor interaction with a global option.

No other training system is more effective at job task training, and for those that want to train in their own environment, we can build custom systems for 1/3 of what other companies charge.

Don't waste your time and money with forklift simulators that are made by gamers for gamers, experience the highest quality Virtual Forklift Simulator in the market today.

Imagine if an airplane simulator teaching your airline pilot, was designed by someone that had never flown a plane, that is what you have with most every other simulator company.

Virtual Forklift

Built by Trainers for Trainers

Training the NEXT Generation


Ahead Of The Competition

The Virtual Forklift Simulator is leaps and bounds past the other VR systems on the market. By utilizing high speed gaming computers, and the HTC VIVE Pro2 headset, VR motion sickness is reduced and, in many cases, eliminated. Unlike other systems that use a popular but cheap and low-grade VR from Oculus. The HTC has 3 times the resolution and the high speed of the computer provides frame rates over and above other simulators.

The training is modular, so trainers can pick and choose the training sections that fit the needs of the operator and the company. By using this system in combination with a qualified trainer safety can be reinforced and operators can learn the proper driving techniques.

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