Training the NEXT Generation

This Is Not A Game

Tools not Toys, that is how we feel about Virtual Forklift Simulator training programs. Developed by forklift trainers with over 20 years of training and operator experience, this system focuses on the real-life training aspect of forklift safety instead of dangerous and competitive mindset of unrealistic forklift rodeo games.

With two different simulator options, organizations can decide what type of training they wish to deploy. Costs for simulators vary, however, the Virtual Forklift Simulators are NOT cost prohibitive because we want you to use our tools and affordability is a key part of getting systems to be used.

This is what we do every day!

NEXUS modules focus on  first time drivers, helping with understanding the lift, functions, and movement.

LIVE is geared towards organizations that want OSHA operator training and evaluations, with LIVE instructor interaction and a global option.

Don't waste your time and money with forklift simulators that are made by gamers for gamers, experience the highest quality Virtual Forklift Simulator in the market today.

(Imagine if an airplane simulator teaching your airline pilot, was designed by someone that had never flown a plane, that is what you have with most every other simulator company.)

Steve Drake
CEO Virtual Forkilft