Virtual Forklift NEXUS

Virtual Forklift NEXUS is a full featured driver training forklift simulator system. It is designed to provide NOVICE drivers the the entry level skills to operate a forklift safely.

This system can be used for training, on-boarding, and refresher training. The unique MODULAR design allows companies to only purchase training modules that fit their operational needs.

The system is designed around very high resolution virtual reality headsets (HTC VIVE PRO2) combined with the detail in the environment, VR sickness is almost non-existent.

The system can be part of a trade school training program, a company on boarding program or for staffing agencies that need a targeted evaluation of operator skills in specific environments, specific tasks or even operating attachments used in the workplace.

Virtual Forklift LIVE

Virtual Forklift LIVE is about to flip the OSHA forklift certification and operator evaluation requirements upside down.

Unlike any system on the market today, this system can allow a qualified instructor to teach a forklift safety class with their own training materials. Multiple students can attend and the instructor can interact the same way they would in a real world classroom.

Once the instructor and students complete the classroom training, they can then one at a time get into the virtual forklift and perform driving tasks directed by the instructor.

With the inclusion of pallets and cones, instructors can ask the student to perform driver evaluation tasks just like they would in your facility. Loads can be moved from rack to rack and real time instruction can be completed with students ANYWHERE in the world simultaneously. Multiple locations, multiple students, one training!

Choose a single system or both, because they can work together.

Each system is a stand alone training program that can function independently. However, for those that wish to incorporate both systems in a single training platform, we can do that for you!

Both systems utilize our unique training platforms, and the only difference is the VR headset and the computer used to link the system to our exclusive forklift controller and training environments.

Still can't decide?
Lets look at features...

NEXUS Modules:

Nexus is designed to allow a student to operate in VR independently. All training is tracked on our student portal and each module that is passed is recorded along with any driving mistake the operator makes in the module.

This system is seperated into standard and advanced modules allowing for companies to select what fits them best and what tasks their instructors want to focus on.

Standard Modules

  • Free Roaming (no scoring)
  • Controls Review
  • Get in and drive
  • Figure 8 Drills
  • 90 Degree Drills
  • General Slalom
  • 90 Degree Slalom
  • Pick up a pallet and drive
  • Move pallet in racking

Advanced Modules

  • Travel through Speed Doors
  • Load a box truck
  • Load a flat bed trailer
  • Loads on cantilever Racking
  • Over sized load handling
  • Extended Forks
  • Single / Double Forks
  • Box Clamp
  • Trash Tipper
  • Carpet Pole
  • Boom Jib

Custom environments are available in this system too. For companies that wish to build out a training environment that is a replica of your current facility, our talented staff can do this allowing you to teach and train in what would appear to be your own facility. So if a realistic training environment is what you need, our development rates are very reasonable.

Live Options:

Virtual Forklift LIVE is not a modular type sytems, it is designed to allow instructors to interact with multiple students at the same time.

Currently, most instructors setup a class with students and everyone meets in the training room for "forklift class". The instructor will run a PowerPoint, some videos and lecture for about 2 hours. Students will watch, discuss, interact and then take a forklift safety test.

This procedure satisfies the OSHA 1910.178 requirement for formal training on Powered Industrial Trucks (USA).

Once the students have passed the class, everyone moves out to the facility and shows the instructor that they are competent and can safely operate the forklift they will be using in their job.

In addition to the general driving, the student should also show competence in operating the lift in the real world work environment, but many times this step is skipped.

This process is repeated at every facility the company has, and there is usually a trainer in every location.

Now imagine if there was a single qualified trainer, operators in each facility had a simple VR head set and at a pre-set time everyone met in VR, for a forklift safety class.

But not only could they do the classroom part together, but if each facility had a Virtual Forklift driving platform, they could complete the general evaluation in real time, with an instructor doing the evaluations.

The cost savings in travel and lost work time would pay for a system like that the first time it was used, and on going training would no longer require travel and down time.

Even refresher training and skills updates after an incident could be handled with the Virtual Forklift LIVE training system.

The Virtual Forklift LIVE does not have the resolution and training modules of the NEXUS system, but organizations that want to test the VR training options, can deploy the LIVE system for considerably less than the cost of the NEXUS System.

Try before you buy

Still not sure? Want to try before you buy?

Our dealers have rental programs that can allow you to actual rent the platform and the training program before you take on the capital expense.

But of course a demo of either system can be scheduled with Virtual Forklift or any of our dealers. We have dealers around the entire USA and the UK and are willing to show you at your place or even in VR!