How Does One Staffing Agency Use VR?

This article is published on another site, but it is a good review of how a staffing agency is using VR (virtual reality) to help its clients and candidates with VR Forklift Simulator training programs. While not all VR systems are built the same, and very few can compare to the high-quality components and programming of the Really-Virtual (TM) simulators, the principles and practices are valid and a good review of how it can help the industry. If your staffing agency is ready to add VR or Branded Custom forklift training systems to your offerings call us at 888.674.9992. 

VR forklift training helps drivers secure more jobs, staffing firm says

  • Staffing firm Hamilton-Ryker has employed virtual reality (VR) forklifts, as a part of its newest division, TalentGro. Available to both temporary employees and clients' direct employees, the mobile VR Forklifts are located in Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee but can be transported anywhere.
  • The VR forklifts transport trainees to a "simulated work setting," which removes the safety risks and costs training that a real forklift can create, according to Hamilton-Ryker

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