Virtual Forklift Simulator for Staffing Agencies

Evaluate forklift candidates before they go to the clientStaffing agencies perform a valuable service that many times is not understood or appreciated by either the candidate or the client. As the intermediary between the job seeker and the job owner, the staffing counselour must find the perfect fit for both of these entities. 

Staffing counselours are always in the middle when it comes to placing individuals and sometimes the information or experience from a job seeker does not stack up in reality. So how do you prep or test your candidates for jobs that require hands-on experience on equipment that is expensive and difficult to maintain, like a forklift? And beyond the candidate testing, OSHA requires that operators be trained and evaluated on site-specific hazards and tested on the equipment they will be operating.

It sounds like a tall order for a counselor, but there are some new technology tools that can help with the screening of candidates and they can be deployed in your office and increase your placement success rates by 45%! 

A Virtual Reality Forklift Simulator uses real 3D imaging and an Oculus VR system to test and train forklift operators without the need for an actual forklift in your facility. The Really-Virtual (TM) Forklift Simulator has both a mobile and a stationary version and with our open driving options, you can test and evaluate your forklift operator candidates in a matter of minutes. 

While the simulator cannot help with the onsite evaluation requirement, Forklift University ( has solutions that provide on-site operator evaluations, training programs and other add on services for you and your clients. We even have an online training system that will allow your operators to take the OSHA Forklift Safety class and get a professional operator license prior to being placed on the job.

For more information on our Virtual Reality Forklift Simulators or other training and certification options, call us at 888.674.9992 and we can show you how to increase your placements and conversions.