The Next Generation of Forklift Training, Virtual Forklift

A challenge to the forklift training community....

How do we train and connect with the NEXT generation of forklift operators?

How do we leverage the safety tools and information we know to be necessary but present it in a way that the NEXT generation understands and processes?

How do we excite the NEXT generation enough that they want to be a part of our industry?

How do we take the old school training materials and update them so they resonate with the NEXT generation? 

While it is not easy, the solution is staring you right in your face, YES RIGHT NOW!

It is your phone, your computer, the digital pad, TECHNOLOGY! 

If your company, school, union, training center or training business is still using the old school techniques that we grew up on, then you are missing an opportunity and doing a disservice to your customers. 

Technology is all around us, we use it to find movies, dinner, dates, directions, and information on just about anything and yes it is being used for training. There are online elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and digital training centers for just about every job on the planet. So how can you use technology to help your students and clients get the most out of their NEXT generation forklift operators? 

Simple, right? Just put up an online forklift training web site, deliver some videos, set up an online test and you are good to go. 

Not so fast, there are many online training programs that are slapped together just to be OSHA compliant or free sites that let the student watch a video and take a short test, but what does that really accomplish? 

It proves that someone, we really don't know who, took a basic test and got a paper license. But where is the interaction, the discussions and above all else the TRAINING! 

Before my life as a forklift instructor, I worked as a software developer in the apparel industry, and when we would build systems it was imperative that the real-world functions of order processing, invoicing and production be understood by the people building the technology to mimic real life. In the beginning, there were many knock off companies that just slapped together an Excel spreadsheet and called it a solution. 

Today we are on the same cusp as the early days of PC’s and business. but the NEXT generation is much more technologically savvy than we were in the early 80’s, their schools are already using advanced LMS (Learning Management Systems) to deliver rich content, in-depth discussions, virtual teacher interactions and quantitative testing that does more than just post a pass or fail grade. 

So how do you compete and not go the way of the horse and buggy or the overhead projector with your training materials? 

Simple, build a digital relationship with a company that not only has the digital skill to build and deliver quality training programs but has the foresight to bring the NEXT generation of forklift training to you. And beyond the technology, you need someone that understands what we do, the terminology, the real-world applications for forklift safety and yes the OSHA Guidelines. 

Forklift University is a company like that, we have been training forklift and aerial lift operators since 2005 and our training programs and materials are more than just simple pamphlets or short tests just to be compliant. We are a training company, but because of our digital development background, we are becoming a partner to other forklift training companies, unions, educational institutions and fortune 100 companies that see the future of safety training and are looking to embrace it. 

We currently have begun a push to partner with training companies and provide online digital training programs with your logo, (white-label) and with either our training materials or yours. We deliver the training through a professional LMS classroom system ready to go and perfect for your clients that want to deliver operator training on a large scale through their computers, phones or tablets. 

But beyond delivering training materials, we are offering the NEXT generation of training tools, Virtual Reality Forklift Simulators! These units are built-in 2 forms, the premium or stationary unit, and the mobile unit. Each has all the same advanced forklift driving simulation and testing capabilities but each allows for a different physical experience. 

Check out our forklift simulator web site at for more information or call us to set up a demo at 888.674.9992