Forklift Simulator

Virtual Forklift uses a simulator to reduce accidents

Virtual Forklift Simulator can reduce accidentsReduce Warehouse Accidents with Virtual Reality Studies show that learning retention with virtual reality is 80-90% higher than traditional learning methods such as videos and powerpoint. Virtual Reality can introduce risks into your training program in a ZERO-RISK Environment. Find and hire qualified forklift operators with virtual reality. OSHA based curriculum and our Virtual Trainer provides instant voice feedback to correct bad driver behavior and reinforce good driving. But virtual reality is only one piece of the training puzzle. How do you keep your employees engaged while promoting safety? Our MOBILE APP allows you to continuosly keep safety on your employees minds. Safety should not be an every 3 year reminder when it's time for recertification, but should be reinforced, daily, weekly and monthly. With our Command Post Mobile App, you can push out new training content, tests, quizzes and reward your employees for engagement and top performance. Who says training has to be punitive and boring? Our solutions are scalable and we will work with you to make it fit into your budget!