Can Virtual Reality Help Your Bottom Line?

In the early 80's most companies were still doing business with paper and the most advanced word processor was an electric typewriter. Today, computers, tablets, phones, and watches are how we communicate and do business. But forklift training has remained stagnant since OSHA began to require forklift certifications in 1998. But now new technology, combined with the training methods that have been working are making forklift operators more safety conscious. 

One of the new options for companies and training organizations is Virtual Reality Forklift Simulators, and while they look like the old school driver education simulators of a bygone era, they are more advanced than anything available for training today. With full emersion, the operator not only learns how to drive a forklift in a safe and secure environment, but they also learn and reinforce good habits like looking before moving and honking their horn at intersections or doorways. 

With a Virtual Reality Forklift Simulator, it can not only show the driver an environment, but it will setup the task and track the students' actions, viewing habits and remind them when they did not honk before traveling. This type of positive reinforcement helps operators to become better and safer at their job, helping your bottom line. 

Forklift accidents, OSHA violations, damage to product and facilities cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, and while the cost of a simulator or a quality Train the Trainer class may seem expensive upfront, the cost on the back end can be more than 3 times the investment. Let's just begin with a typical Train the Trainer class, it will run about $1000 to $1500.00 per person from a quality organization, but the fine from OSHA for just 1 unlicensed operator is between $7000 and $12,000 and if that operator has a reportable accident or causes injury or death, the fine can be $50,000 to over $100,000 per incident. And OSHA is the least of a companies worries, when the lawers get finished and judgments are handed down, the costs are astronomical. 

So can Virtual Reality help your bottom line? Absolutely! 

Consider that the new generation of forklift operators and employees grew up with video games, and VR is not a foreign term to them, so how do you get them to learn and take forklift training seriously? A virtual reality forklift simulator from the Virtual Forklift Training Company, and if you combine it with a custom forklift training program that your in house training department delivers from Forklift University's Train the Trainer program, you will have a custom, OSHA compliant and valuable training program for a reasonable dollar amount. 

If you would like more information on a forklift simulator system, forklift train the trainer programs or the combination of both and how they can work seamlessly together, contact us at the Virtual Forklift Training Company for a demonstration or more information. Our toll-free number is 888.674.9992 or fill out the contact form on this site, or