Forklift Simulators for Rent

Mobile forklift simulator takes training anywhereCorporate events, block training, team building, training evaluations and many other opportunities exist for your organization to try out our forklift training simulators. With full Oculus VR head set and all the controls needed to experience forklift operations inside a safe VR environment, companies can rest assured that their forklift training and safety events will be a success.

Rentals for both mobile and premium units are available with weekly, monthly or long term options.

Take your training or event up a notch and add the experience of virutal reality and the fun of forklift operations to your day. The system not only has a structured training option, but rodeo events where your operators can compete among themselves or see how they have done against our virutal forklift operators world wide.

Contact us today at 888-674-9992 for more information about renting our virtual reality forklfit simulators.