Technical Schools use VR forklift simulator to train students

Technical schools deploy forklift simulatorsVirtual Reality Forklift Training for Better Results. Studies show that learning retention with virtual reality is 80-90% higher than traditional learning methods such as videos and powerpoint.

This is why many High Schools, Vocational Schools , Colleges and Technical schools have implemented our technology so that they can prepare the next generation for a skills trade that is often overlooked.
Virtual reality forklift training helps build muscle memory, corrects bad driving behavior, and reinforces good driving.

Our existing customers have noticed a 20% reduction in warehouse accidents and a significant reduction in new hire training time, Powerpoint and safety videos simply do not give you the same results as a hands on training solution like VR. Want to keep your warehouse employees motivated? 

With our Command Post Mobile App, you can push out new training content, tests, quizzes and reward your employees for engagement and top performance.

Who says training has to be punitive and boring?

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