Traveling VR

As we began to barnstorm the country, our first stop was in San Antonio Texas, where the US Airforce was interested in the mobile unit. The review was a big hit, with logistics people from all over the world looking at our Virutal Forklift mobile simulator as a training tool for those that we train.



Forklift Simulator in Hotel Lobby In and effort to get our forklift simulator from Really-Virtual (tm) out to see the world, Forklift University took the mobile unit on the road. With stops in Kansas, Wisconsin, Chicago, Austin and El Paso our trainers did the old school barnstorming road trip and showed it to our customer base.  Our first stop in Kansas City, took us to the Hilton Hotel with our long time customer Hantover. Mike Franklin and Cory Hutson met us in the hotel breakfast room and prepared to experience our fully emersive forklift simulator.  As it turns out, we stirred up quite a comotion and got the attention of a large distribution company that was holding a corporate training event. We took the time to let the operations manager experince the system for herself.  The unit was a big hit from our customer and those that did not expect to be driving a forklift that morning. 


If your organization would like to see the Really-Virtual (tm) forklift simulator live and up close, contact our office at 888.674.9992 and we will come to your location and show you how great the unit is.