ROI on Virtual Forklift Operator Training

ROI on Virtual Reality and Forklift Simulators

With the buzz and hype over Virtual Reality Training in recent years, Virtual Forklift in partnership with Really-Virtual Consulting want to help the safety professional to explain and provide benifit numbers to the company CEO or owner in an effort to show the benifits and ROI on this type of training. 

Typically, VR solutions like these have only been available to companies with huge training budgets, but now any size company can benefit from forklift simulator training programs. With options to lease, rent or even send workers to one of our training centers, small to medium companies with forklift operators can see the benefits of a high quality Virtual Reality Forklift Simulator.   

But how does the cost stack up today for a forklift training simulator and benifits of extensive training and continued safe habit building. 

Key Points to Consider

  • Hands on Training is done in a safe environment. No more accidents during operator training or the evaluation process.
  • Screen operators prior to hire
  • Operator retraining can help to correct bad habits and satisfy OSHA retraining rules
  • Operators can practice without taking the time of an authorized trainer
  • Results are logged and problem areas can be reviewed by the trainer or supervisor
  • All forklifts stay in production and are not pulled away for driver training
  • Custom training modules can be developed for companies with special requirements
  • No limit on number of drivers or times that it can be used
  • Portable or stationary units provide deployment flexibility
  • Units can be purchased or rented depending on budget and need

Virtual Forklift Training with Remote Trainer

ROI on VR Explained by Awane Jones