Is your Staffing Agency Ready for VR?

Staffing agencies can now help their clients and candidates to be better prepared for forklift jobs in the warehouse industry with better training through Virtual Reality. While training is not the primary purpose of staffing agencies, making sure candidates are trained and can operate the equipment is in the best interest of your organization and your clients. 

Your agency can now add online, comprehensive forklift certification courses and a Virtual Reality Forklift Simulator and only take up the space of a small desk! The staffing industry is becoming more competitive every day, clients are demanding better candidates and the liability associated with this employment market is much larger than other industries. So if your agency is looking for a training option that is custom, branded to your organization and recognized across the US, then contact us at the Virtual Forklift Training Company, a division of Forklift University.

We have been working with staffing agencies across the southwest since 2005 and understand and appreciate your business and the efforts you put into every client and candidate. We even post forklift job openings on our site at no charge to you or your candidates. We are a training company and do not offer job placement except through quality staffing partners, so grow your business with our help. Call today 888.674.9992 or fill out the contact form on this site.