Technical schools deploy forklift simulatorsVirtual Reality Forklift Training for Better Results. Studies show that learning retention with virtual reality is 80-90% higher than traditional learning methods such as videos and powerpoint.

This is why many High Schools, Vocational Schools , Colleges and Technical schools have implemented our technology so that they can prepare the next generation for a skills trade that is often overlooked.
Virtual reality forklift training helps build muscle memory, corrects bad driving behavior, and reinforces good driving.

Our existing customers have noticed a 20% reduction in warehouse accidents and a significant reduction in new hire training time, Powerpoint and safety videos simply do not give you the same results as a hands on training solution like VR. Want to keep your warehouse employees motivated? 

With our Command Post Mobile App, you can push out new training content, tests, quizzes and reward your employees for engagement and top performance.

Who says training has to be punitive and boring?

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Mobile forklift simulator takes training anywhereCorporate events, block training, team building, training evaluations and many other opportunities exist for your organization to try out our forklift training simulators. With full Oculus VR head set and all the controls needed to experience forklift operations inside a safe VR environment, companies can rest assured that their forklift training and safety events will be a success.

Rentals for both mobile and premium units are available with weekly, monthly or long term options.

Take your training or event up a notch and add the experience of virutal reality and the fun of forklift operations to your day. The system not only has a structured training option, but rodeo events where your operators can compete among themselves or see how they have done against our virutal forklift operators world wide.

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News story about one of our VR partners and working with the system in the classroom...

Virtual Forklift is a division of Forklift University and we love seeing our partners not only bring VR to the classroom, but operator training as well. If you school, college or trade school are looking for project that fully prepare studnets for forklift operations and safety, contact Forklift Univeristy at 888-674-9992.

University of Wisconsin Brings VR Training to the Classroom

When it comes to industrial training in the classroom, there are two types of students: those who grew up around equipment and those that did not. Teaching the book knowledge to those that have already been around the equipment is easily handled in the classroom. However, the difficult part has always been trying to provide real-world experience while in the classroom. With Virtual Reality, we have a solution to this age-old problem.

For Mark Miner, UW-Platteville Professor and Coordinator for both the Building Construction Safety Management and the Occupational Safety Management bachelor’s degree programs, the Virtual Reality Forklift Simulator was just what he was looking for, and he was eager to use it in
the classroom.

When it came time to pitch the VR forklift simulator to the university, everyone was in agreement that it will be a great addition. Miner had many of the staff, students, as well as the Dean of BILSA, test-drive the simulator, thus introducing a whole new concept in educational technology.

Mark teamed up with Tony Parsons, Operator training manager at Wisconsin Lift Truck,  one of our Premier Dealers in the Midwest.  However, he was looking to run a program that would stick with his students after college.

After the classes and conversations with Parsons, he felt they had the same beliefs when it comes to safety. Between himself, Wisconsin Lift Truck and UW-Platteville’s reputations, the hope is that when students go out into the real world they will value the training they went through.

Miner attended the class hoping to hear and see new things, which worked largely in his favor as he was introduced to the REAL-Forklift. When Miner first learned of the VR technology he was skeptical, but when Tony brought the unit to UW-Platteville, he sat on it and thought to himself, “this is absolutely incredible.”

Forklift simulator training for schools. Distance learning in virutal reality

"The simulator is awesome and we were going to use it this semester in my Construction Technical Certs class," said Mark once school is back in session.

forklift simulator a safe training environmentGain Hands On Experience with Virtual Reality

Studies show that learning retention with virtual reality is 80-90% higher than traditional learning methods such as videos and powerpoint. This is why many High Schools and Vocational Schools are starting to implement our technology.

Virtual Reality can introduce risks into your training program in a ZERO-RISK Environment. Students can practice and gain valuable experience before operating an actual forklift, thus helping with workforce development. Many companies are reducing their new hire training time and have also reported a 20% reduction in forklift incidents.

Still training the old fashioned way with outdated videos and powerpoint? OSHA based curriculum and our Virtual Trainer provides instant voice feedback to correct bad driver behavior and reinforce good driving. 

But virtual reality is only one piece of the training puzzle. How do you keep your employees engaged while promoting safety? Our MOBILE APP allows you to continuosly keep safety on your employees minds. 

Safety should not be an every 3 year reminder when it's time for recertification, but should be reinforced, daily, weekly and monthly. With our Command Post Mobile App,  you can push out new training content, tests, quizzes and reward your employees for engagement and top performance. Who says training has to be punitive and boring?

Our solutions are scalable and we will work with you to make it fit into your budget!

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virtual forklift premium forklift simulatorPremium Simulator

The smallest, most realistic and lowest cost forklift simulator on the market. Gain hands on experience with ZERO-Risk! Test driving competency before you hire, saving you time & money. The premium unit here can be moved through doors and is robust enough to simulate an actual forklift experience.


virtual forklift customer training session

Desktop Simulator

Our portable forklift simulator attaches to any desktop and comes with everything you need to start training in a military grade rolling case. Perfect for schools and companies with multiple locations. With dealers located across the U.S and Canada, you can now rent a simulator to prove the concept

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