Virtual Forklift Simulators

Virtual Forklift provides forklift operator training with a unique combination of computer-based training, instructor led training interconnected with forklift simulator driver training. The mixture of these helps new operators to grasp the safety aspects of forklift operations while gaining proficiency in the simulator.

Schools can prepare their student body in a safe environment to enter the workforce with the combination of our 40 hour learning program and the structured tasks in the simulator. This combination is only available from Virtual Forklift.

Companies can train new operators and build good driving habits with a simulator training program. Not only can the simulator be used to train operators, but our train the trainer programs can help you to develop a fully OSHA compliant training program.

Staffing agencies and other job placement organizations can utilize our computer-based training systems in conjunction with quick operator evaluations on our mobile forklift simulator system, reducing accidents and increasing retention of job candidates.

No other forklift simulator company can match the information and experience that comes with a VirtualForklift training system, so call us today to find out how the integration between forklift training in the real world and driving in a virtual world can help your operators to be safe.

Oculus Business Training Solutions

Oculus for Business has some great projects on display, that will help businesses understand the value of VR in their training programs. Companies like DHL, Johnson and Johnson and Farmers Insurance utilize virtual reality as part of their employees training and on-boarding process.