Virtual Forklift Simulator

Premium Simulator

The premium Virtual Forklift Simulator is a fully contained unit with built in steering, lift controls, operator pedals ( inching pedal, brake pedal and accelerator pedal), a real forklift operator seat with seat belt detection, a fast top of the line gaming computer, Oculus Rift 2 head set, leap motion hand detection in a well built unit.

Units can be shipped anywhere in the world and can be setup in a matter of minutes upon arrival. It is reccomended that a monitor with speakers or a basic TV with hdmi connections be used so an onsite trainer can see what the operator sees.

Customers can choose from a variety of training and setup options, including on site where we will help you not only to setup but show your trainer how the unit works and the best ways to interact with your students.

All Virtual Forklift simulators come with 3 years of support (unless declined by the customer) and educational institutions receive 6 months of computer based operator training at no additional cost. This online training option is equivelent to a 40 hour class on forklift safety and is used by some distance learning organizations as a single credt class.

*Crate, shipping and tax are not included.


Real-Forklift® Premium

Virtual Forklift Mobile

No other forklift simulator company offers a mobile version of the product, but with Virtual Forklift simulators, you can choose to use a device anywhere you have operators and a desk. The mobile system is the exact same training software that comes with the premium unit and is only limited in detecting the seatbelt, since operators use a desk chair.

The mobile system comes with a top quality gaming computer with gaming video card, the Oculus Rift S VR head set, a lift control that attached to the desk, the gaming steering wheel that also attached to the desk and a 2 or 3 pedal brake/accelerator that sit on the floor under the desk.

These units come in their own traveling case (Pellican® Premium Travel Case) to ensure that the unit is safe during travel or shipping.

These units require about 30 minutes to setup but can be used anywhere you have a desk and an internet connection.

What's included?

Top quality for the best experience.

Every component that makes up the Virtual Forklift simulator units are the best quality for the application that can be supplied. We use an gaming computers with industry leading NVIDIA graphic cards, and the latest version of the Oculus Rift 2 combined with the leap motion component to guarantee that your hands are a built in part of the experience.

Driving coponents are gaming industry standards and the housing unit with either system is top quality fabrication providing the best possible simulation experience for the operator. 

Shipping Containers and Mobile Travel Cases

To make sure that your unit is delivered in 100% great condition, we are covering the cost of the premium shipping container or the deluxe mobile travel case as part of either system. The cost of freight is not included but you don't have to worry about the packing of your unit. 

Training is included, insuring success.

Most companies that sell VR systems, charge for imporant items like setup and training. But Forklift University is a training company and we believe that setup and initial training should be part of the sale not an add on that costs the company. We believe that this is a win / win proposition for the customer and ourselves. By showing up at your facility, setting up the unit and training your initial instructor your return on investment will increase and the time it takes to benifit from the unit will be reduced significantly. 

Did we say we support you?

Included in our pricing is premium support for 3 years, this is included but in rare cases customer can option out if necessary. Front line support is provided by both Virtual Forklfit and Really-Virtual the system manufacturer. Upgrades and bug fixes are handled in a timely manner and express support is available for an additional fee.

Access to your system through Team Viewer or the trainer interaction tool can be helpful in seeing how your students are using the lift or what types if situations they are experiencing so we can continue to enhance the product.

Results oriented success plan!

With all the items included with every unit, it is clear that Virtual Forklift is dedicated to the success of this project with every customer. The value proposition of this system is above any offering from any other VR company in the world, by combining Virtual Forklfit simulator training and computer based operator training there is no other techie company that can match us.

Our price point is typically under the competition and the included training programs and support make for a perfect end to end forklift training solution. Go with the best product and value in the market and treat your forklift operators to great training systems today.

Virtual Forklift Simulator Components

Both systems include the following items...

Oculus Rift 2

Oculus Leap Motion

All systems come with the latest Oculus Leap Motion head set, providing a complete experience

Leap motion allows the user to see their hands inside the VR training program.

Check out the latests VR headset from Oculus!

Premium Steering Controls

Premium Steering Controls

The steering wheel is a top of the line component, providing the operator with the feel and responsiveness of a standard forklift.

Turning simulates the 90 degree turning features of a standard lift

Industry Lift Controls

Industry Lift Controls

The lift controls are made to match the newest functionality of the controls in the industry.

While older lifts use a arm style controls, the functions are the same.

Lift - Tilt - Side Shift - Spread

Virtual Forklift Premium Simulator Components

The Premium unit includes these features.

Integrated Design

Integrated Design

All components are put together to work seamlessly with the VR training and provide the feel and function of a real forklift.

The computer is integrated in the housing of the unit, protecting it from damage.

Industry Style Pedals

Industry Style Pedals

Using standard forklift 3 pedal style foot controls allows students to learn to operate the most common sit-down lifts used today. The system will change to 2 pedal operation in electric mode and 3 pedal operation (inching pedal) in propane mode.

Note: Mobile units only have a 2 pedal system

Virtual Forklift Mobile Components

Superior Gaming Components for a Superior VR Experience!

Gaming Laptop

Gaming Computer

High speed and graphic laptops provide a portable experience, without sacrificing the quality of the training program. The mobile unit integrates the exact same simulator system to make sure the VR works flawlessly and with advanced gaming functions.

Portable Design

Portable Design

The industries ONLY mobile forklift simulator product can be setup on most desks or tables, making this the perfect solution for the multi-facility organization that wants to bring forklift driver training to all their locations.

How do I get VR in my facility?

Purchase or Lease to Own Programs

Purchase Programs

For those that are ready to add their own VR Forklift Simulator to your training programs, Forklift University can deliver units within 2 weeks. Purchase options include lease to own programs or company PO's on approved credit. 

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