The future of Operator Training

Virtual Forklift Live, is the ONLY Virtual Reality Simulator designed to allow trainers to perform OSHA compliant operator training AND OPERATOR DRIVING EVALUATIONS in a fully immersive environment!

The instructor led training allows true interaction between multiple students and a qualified trainer. Trainers can teach in multiple locations and multiple operators at the same time, and with the driving platform, operators can perform standard driving with an instructor, taking your training to a new level.

Play the video and see how an experienced trainer reacts to our training program.

Train GLOBALLY like you are there!

The video on this page is a real training session with trainer in Wisconsin, a driver in India and another student in Arizona.

Instructors now have the ability to teach forklift safety, and do operator evaluations and driving instruction LIVE in a safe VR setting.

The interaction is real time, the ability to instruct is limitless.

  • The potential is UNLIMITED!
  • Certify and Evaluate in VR Globally!
  • Only from Virtual Forklift Live

Training Materials

Virtual Forklift LIVE is the only system that works like you do!

The 3 componenets of LIVE are TRAINER, STUDENT and DRIVER.

Trainers can upload their own PowerPoint presentation, and teach an operator theory class.

Students can view the trainig class and if the company has the Driving option they can drive as well.

Driving requires a platform with steering and lift controls and the DRIVER module.

Once in the class, session, the trainer can teach from the PowerPoint, and discuss as they would in real life.

After the class, locations that have the driving platform and the Driver module can have the Trainer perform the required evaluation tasks or teach a driver training class with cones and pallets.

  • Trainer ....... $200.00ea a month
  • Student ...... $50.00ea a month
  • Driver ......... $100.00ea a month

Starter pack @ $500.00 a month includes:

 1 Trainer, 4 Students and 1 Driver

Your Training Materials in VR!


Fold n Go Platform

The Fold n Go platform provides the most flexibility and professional presentation of any Forklift Simulator system on the market.
Built to fold down and travel, this platform is under 80 LBS allowing it to fit in your trunk or ship anywhere you need it to be. 
The solid design and inset wheels make this system portable and with setup in less than 15 minutes including plugging in the computer your training can begin on time, every time!

*Not included in the monthly fee


Fold n Go with 10 Minute Setup


Imagine a new world for forklift operator training!

To schedule a demo, order a rental or puchase your own Virtual Forklift Live system contact us today and we will have a dealer close to you help you with your Virtual Forklift Simulator options.

Virtual Forklift Live is Wireless