Operator Training Programs

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Since 1998, the OSHA Standard 1910.178 requires that operators of Powered Industrial Trucks (forklifts) be trained and authorized prior to operating a lift. This training must be a combination of formal traiing and hands on operations on the lifts at the job site. 

Forklift simulators, VR, is a great tool to reinforce safe forklift operational habits or teach new operators how to safely operate a forklift without the cost and dangers associated with forklift training in the physical work environment. 

However, forklift training still requires operator training that reviews not only basic forklift safety, but training that takes in account your companies unique environment. 

As a forklift training organization, Forklift University, can provide your orgainzation with a complete training solution that will not only satisfy the OSHA requirements, but build safe operational skills with VR hands on training simulations. 

In additon to VR simulator training, our complete training programs include, OSHA Certification on all Powered Industrial Trucks in the form of on site operator training, lift specific hands on driver training, online web based training, Train the Trainer classes and even organization specific training options that are great for on-boarding. We even have programs for schools, unions, staffing agencies and forklift equipment companies that want to offer a custom branded training program combined with forklift simulators.

Educational institutions like Compton Adult School, Clark County School District, Huntsville ISD, Maricopa Colleges, Mesa Schools and many others have relied on our training programs for their students. 

Unions like the IATSE 720 in Las Vegas utilizes Forklift University for their online certification program.

And thousands of private and government agencies like Hoover Dam, Reyes Coca-Cola, Honeywell, Proctor & Gamble, Toyota, the NFL Network and others trust and use our training programs. 

So if you or your organization, no matter the size, are looking to incorporate top quality forklift training with industry leading virtual reality forklift simulators, give us a call, we are here to help.


Branded Class Introduction

Branded Solutions

Training with YOUR NAME

For school districts, unions, government agencies, lift equipment companies, prisons, and many large organizations, a custom branded solution is mandatory. Contact us today to find out how we can tailor a training program to make it look like it is your own in a shorter time than building it yourself. 


Training Options

johnnyclassOperators of Powered Industrial Trucks (forklifts), Aerial Work Platforms (aerial lifts), Telehandlers (construction forklifts) and even tuggers (burden carriers) all require operator training (certification). 

Forklift University has experienced industry instructors that can make sure that your entire forklift workforce is OSHA compliant and well trained. 

On site training programs are designed to go above and beyond OSHA requirements with site specific safety discussions, facility safety walk throughs to help you identify potiential hazards and fines, hands on operator evaluations and a documentation portal that provides 24/7 access to all your training records.

We are a national company so it does not matter where you are, we will come to you and train your people on your equipment just like OSHA intended. Our instructor will come to your location, perform a comprehensive 2-3 hour equipment safety course discussing OSHA requirements, safe operation and facility specific rules, policies and procedures as well as a site hazard accessment discussion. Once the class is completed, we will put all your operators on the lifts you use and make sure they have the skill and knowledge to do the job safely.  

osha accepted graphicFor organizations that just need to have the "formal training" part of the OSHA requirement handled for them. Our online training course is perfect for you. 

This online course can be setup to be as detailed and custom as you require and at the end your student receives a certificate of completion and a forklift license with their picture in a few days. 

Staffing agencies that need to have candidates certified can use this option to provide company specific training and branded licenses to their people. 

Companies that want to quickly on-board new hires or provide refresher training to employees can use our online option to satisfy the OSHA formal training requirement. In all cases, an operator evaluation will be requied prior to beginnig work on the company lifts.

Schools can utiize this branded and custom LMS training site to provide industry training to any cirriculum program they are providing to their student base. 

So for a custom and branded online option Forklift University online has the answer. We even have an App that will make online training and certification documentation a snap.

ttt chalkboardFor those that wish to handle their operator training in-house, a Train the Trainer program is your best course of action.

Train the Trainer is designed to help your qualified employee to deliver a professional training class in about a day. This on-site company specific training not only includes a review and documentation of your facility it has materials that can be customized for your needs and the equipment you use daily. 

All materials are delivered from our exclusive web based portal and far surpass any other training program in the industry. With manuals, tests, PowerPoint presentations, videos and supporting documentation at your trainers fingertips with that ability to brand and modify the materials for your facility your trainers will be able to deliver safety training in a new way. 

By providing an online portal, we are able to deliver more video options than any other Train the Trainer program. And we provide access to equipment specific videos, and many specialized videos not available from other companies. 

When combined with a Forklfit Simulator training program, your Train the Trainer can reach past just operator training and encompass full operator emersion training. 

Forklift University has Train the Trainer programs for ALL Powered Industrial Trucks (sit-down, stand-up, order picker, electric pallet jack, walkie rider, walkies stacker, turret trucks, reach lifts, tuggers, telehandler (boom forklift) and more). There are also training programs and materials for Aerial Work Platforms including scissor lifts, boom lifts, bucket trucks, and personal lift devices.