Virtual Training To Protect Your Actual Reality

Our premium Virtual Forklift Simulator is a fully contained unit that features everything your people will need to be qualified and trained forklift operators. This simulator allows you to have a customized experience working as a forklift driver in your own modeled warehouse.

VR Simulator


Full Circle Training

Virtual forklift is a full training solution. This means we have the ability to train the people that are training your workers on top of training the people that need it the most. Forklift certification should have this full circle approach giving you this piece of mind. Knowing that operators trained in your own environment and have muscle memory with their virtual on premise experience leads to 100% safety during training. This is a true game changer.

We Support Our Solution

All contracted Virtual Forklift simulator packages provide users with a 1 year support and educational institutions can order a full OSHA compliant cirriculum that will integrate to your Google Classroom, and many other LMS systems.

VR Experience In Practice

Virtual Forklift provide forklift operator training that is unique in its combination of computer-based and instructor-led training with virtual captured environments. In this way, students are able to learn about safety aspects of forklift operations while also becoming proficient as the simulator driver. Only Virtual Forklift can offer such complete and safe learning opportunities.

Virtual Forklift Mobile


About The Traveling Training Platform

Since the Virtual Forklift Simulator sofware is the same regardeless of how you use it, companies can use the flexible Traveling Training Platform with the same robust features of the Immersive Training Platform. Traveling platforms, can be packed into the travel case and setup in about 30 minutes anywhere there is power and an internet connection.

Training Simplicity Evolved

These devices are shipped in their own hardshell flight case. This is to ensure the device is safe during transport. Setting up these units takes about 30 minutes. So you can use them anywhere you have a desk and an internet connection. Our virtual training solution adapts to your work environment.

So What's Included?


Gaming Computers

All the components that make up the virtual forklift simulator unit are of the highest quality for the applications it can offer. With his industry-leading NVIDIA graphics card and VR computer powered by the latest version of HTC VIVE combined with Leap Motion components ensure your hands are an integral part of the experience.


Protective Casing

To ensure your device arrives in 100% perfect condition, we cover the cost of either a premium shipping container or deluxe mobile travel case as part of either systems. Shipping costs vary based on your location.


Onsite Consulting

Setup and use of the Virtual Forklift Simulator is easy and can be done in a few minutes by even "non-technical" personel. For those that would like the added comfort of having our experienced trainers help, we can do that!


Premium Support

Our price includes 1yearr of software support. We actively want to keep your system up to date and if you have an issue that really needs speed beyond normal services, our team will be there for you too.

Virtual Platforms Give Real World Results

We want to make it very clear that Virtual Forklift is committed to the success of each project with every client. The system's value proposition exceeds that offered by other VR companies around the world. No other technician company can match our Virtual Forklift simulator training system.
We also actively maintain pricing that's lower than our competitors. Our included training programs and support make for the perfect end-to-end forklift training solution. Contact us today and let us help you choose the best product to start training your forklift driver with a safer and superior training system.

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