Real Classroom

With an instructor and multiple Students in a classroom setting, everyone can view the training presentation, listen to the instructor teach, and interact in real-time anywhere in the world.


Real Evaluations

Operator evaluations are required under OSHA Guideline 1910.178. While they may not qualify 100%, the value of evaluating new operators or fine-tuning their skills with instructor guidance does meet the spirit of the rule.


Global Reach

Most people today, understand the global reach of virtual meetings. Anyone, anywhere and anytime can interact as if they are in the same conference room. This new way to interact is how LIVE now does forklift training. Imagine the company trainer in the Wisconsin facility and students in Arizona, Florida, Texas, or even with facilities around the globe. Live allows simultaneous global training, anytime and anywhere, with your entire forklift crew.

OSHA Forklift Class

OSHA requires that operators have formal training; most companies and trainers use training manuals, PowerPoints, videos, and tests to teach and confirm learning.

LIVE provides "IN VR" classroom training, and trainers can upload their own presentations.

No other VR System can provide this level of classroom training.


Integrated Videos

Not only can the instructor upload and play presentations, but links to safety videos can be integrated into the training, allowing for a complete OSHA 1910.178 operator training class.


Any Presentation

Upload your own presentation or one from our train the trainer program. Once inside the VR training, all students can simultaneously view the uploaded presentation, and only the instructor can move forward and backward through the slides, just like in real life.

Operator Evaluations

As you can see in the video above, the instructor is amazed that he and the operator can interact in real time, just like in real life.

Instructors can help with lift height and load distance from the racks and set up cones or pallets for the students to pick up or drive around.

This level of accurate interaction allows a forklift instructor to evaluate new operators highly without the dangers of putting them on a real lift.

It can also be used to teach new operators since the environment is not structured, and creative instructors can develop their own driving tasks.

The system comes with 2 different evaluation scenarios, but custom scenarios are available for customers who need special training options.

Lift, tilt, side shift, and fork spreader actions are built into our custom controller and mimic the functions of most forklifts. The instructor can see the finger controls, a status panel, and all movements of the lift in real-time.

Platform Options



The Fold-n-Go platform is perfect for companies that wish to ship the driving platform to different locations for operator training and evaluations.


Classroom Standard

The Classroom Standard works well with LIVE the stable platform and multi-student design allows for many students in a class to participate at the same time.

VR Software Options

Like many other software services today, the cost of the LIVE System is based on a "per seat" billing model.

Customers purchase the platform they need and the number of headsets they wish to use, and then they are billed monthly for the number of trainers, drivers, and viewing students.

The entry-level bundle can be fully implemented with 1 trainer, 2 students, and 1 driving system starting at $500.00 per month plus a minimal hardware purchase. Plan adjustments can be made at any time to increase or decrease students, trainers, and drivers, allowing for the best value options for the organization. Rental options are also available for any of our systems.

Regardless of the platform you choose, LIVE driving does not require the high-speed graphic gaming computer of NEXUS. This helps to save considerably on hardware costs. Utilization of the Oculus headsets also reduces the overall cost of this platform solution.

Try Before you BUY!

Unlike other VR systems, the Virtual Forklift Simulator LIVE can be tested remotely or in an on-site demo from one of our nationwide dealers.

This system is so simple and flexible that Virtual Forklift will ship you a demo headset and allow you to participate in a live training demo.

However, suppose you want to experience driving for yourself. In that case, we will have a dealer schedule a visit to your location and showcase the multi-location power of the Virtual Forklift LIVE system.

Use the form on this page to contact us, and we will ensure that you experience Virtual Forklift Live for yourself.