NEXUS Key Features


Modular Design

Nexus is modular allowing for targeted training. This modular design allows companies and trainers to only pay for or train on the driving skills needed in their facility.


Realistic Environment

Built to be as realistic as possible, the graphic design combined with the highest quality headset on the market (HTC Focus 3), this training program has the sharpest environment of any VR system. This high quality virtually removes VR sickness from most users.


Driving Drills

No other system provides the forklift driving drills found in NEXUS. Designed by experienced forklift trainers, the driving drills include:

  • Figure 8

  • 90 degree turns

  • Cone manuvers

  • Movement around pallets and more


Standard Modules

Standard Modules Include:

  • Basic Controls
  • Basic Driving
  • Load Handling
  • Standard Racking
  • Cantillever Racking
  • Long Loads
  • Load Box Truck
  • Load Flatbed Trailer

Attachment Modules

Using attachments is a daily occurance for most operators. Proper training in a safe environment allows an operator to learn how to use an attachment quickly and safely. NEXUS adds new attachment modules every 2-3 months. Attachmnets include:

  • Fork Extensions
  • Single/Double Forks
  • Flat Clamp
  • Paper Roll Clamp
  • Carpet Pole
  • Trash Tipper

Trainer Influenced

The design, modules and subtle interactions built in NEXUS are the result of over 20 years of forklift operator training experience.

There are many subtle situations, or features that test the operator in real life scenarios.

Pedestrians are interactive, moving away when the horn is honked. Speed doors are used to replicate these dangerous and often crashed into passages. Aisles may not always be wide enough for all loads, requiring students to pick the best path for their load.

There are many of these features inside the system, designed to be a real training tool, not a game that has no real life value.


Student Tracking Web Site

Students are easily added to the system by the trainer from our NEXUS web site. Here, trainers and students can review training scores, watch multi-angle videos of the driving session and track PASS/FAIL records for every student. This information can be downloaded to student training record systems updating the progress on each module for every student.


LIVE Key Features


Certification & Evaluation

LIVE is very different from all other Virtual Forklift Simulators. This system is designed to be a certification and operator evaluation system. While not 100% OSHA compliant for operator evaluations, we are in the process of moving that way.

Trainers can teach their standard forklift safety class and then have the student perform standard driving operations in a multi-person environment.


Upload your Training Deck

As part of the interactive training experience, qualified trainers can upload their own PowerPoint presentation. This will allow any company to teach on the same materials they are already familiar with.


Multiple Class Sessions

Classes can have multiple sessions. Just like a college course, trainers setup the class they will teach, add the appropriate students and then set when the session will be available. Trainers and students login to their training class directly in the headset, no computer needed.


Multiple Drivers in a Class

Multiple students and drivers can be in the training warehouse at the same time, while only 1 person can drive at a time, once they are done another driver can enter the Virtual Forklift and take over driving.


Local Instruction, Global Reach

Trainers and students will see the same thing, allowing a trainer to correct a drivers actions in real time. Other students can see and interact as well, no matter when in the world they are joining from.


Instant Feedback

Because both the trainer and the students are in the exact same environment, corrections to any actions by a student driver can be made immediately. And when this correction is made, all students in class can see and hear the instructor, thereby creating a realistic training tool.


Student Tracking Website

Live has its' own student control and tracking web site. It is different from NEXUS because it manages your classes, number of students and company records. The system DOES however, store the training videos showing the student driving actions with multiple angles for training discussions. Trainers can also record the evaluations from their perspective.


Evaluation Course Swap

The instructor can use a free form process to have the student drive and perform tasks. There are moveable cones and empty pallets for the instructor to build their own course. And the system comes with 2 evaluation courses, but custom courses can be economically added for your specific organization as custom development.


Cost Effective Option

Live provides the lowest cost of entry of any VR system on the market by far! Pay per month, per student/trainer.



LIVE sessions can be cast to any computer or screen to allow the full class observe the instruction even if they do not have headsets to participate.


Dealer Remote Services

Remote forklift training classes and basic evaluations can be a new source of training income for forklift dealers, training companies, staffing agencies and other training companies or evaluation services.


Pay As You Go

Virtual Forklift Live is part of the next generation of software systems that are a pay as you go model, or SAAS (Software AS A Service).

By utilizing low monthly costs for the number of instructors, students and drivers, training dollars are more effectively utilized. Even your hardware costs can be paid up front or built into the monthly payment.

NEXUS Best For

The Virtual Forklift Simulator NEXUS, is the perfect tool for trade schools, unions, high schools and colleges that want to add forklift training to their industry training programs. Large companies that wish to provide in-house forklift operator training or provide attachment training can utilize those select modules as part of the OSHA training / re-training requirement.

LIVE Best For

Virtual Forklift Live has been designed for organizations with remote training challenges as well as those that want to provide a more interactive driver training experience.

All organizations that want to do more with their current training programs can build on LIVE. Organizations like Unions, multi-location companies, and training schools that want to offer more instructor interaction.

Forklift Curriculum

No other forklift simulator system on the market has the ability to add OSHA 1910.178 forklift operator training cirriculum to their offering. A stand alone simulator only provides a partial tool, while the Virtual Forklift Simulator can be a complete training solution.

Here are some of our classroom training options:



Companies can utilize our Train the Trainer system that provides a COMPLETE OSHA operator training solution.

These materials exceed the OSHA requirements and are currently being used by companies all over the world. Developed by Forklift University, this system is reccognized by forklift manufacturers, fortune 500 companies and government organizations as the best and most complete training program available.



Classroom cirriculum is available for all levels of education. Trade schools, technical colleges, high schools, adult schools, colleges or any educational institution that teaches a multi-day class.

Our materials can be made available to any LMS through Scorum files or for those that use Google Classroom, we have the classroom training already done.

Topic quizzes, age appropriate videos, and training materials that can be taught in 45 minute daily classes for a 6 week program are available. No other VR Forklift Simulator can match our training options for education.


Computer Based Training

Any organization, company or school has the option to provide computer based learning options to the cirriculum. We secure a unique URL for your group, and then brand and customize the training into an easy to use online forklift operator class.


Built by Trainers, for Trainers

If your organization is looking for solutions that your trainers / teachers will appreciate and use and a training program that will prepare your operators and students then look no further. Combined with a reasonable cost, and flexible payment options, this is the best option for anyone that needs forklift operator training.